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At the Heart Lay/Peer Counseling Training

At the Heart Lay/Peer Counseling training is a 13 week program that meets once a week for 2.5-3 hours taught by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. This course covers a wide variety of topics that are impacting our friends, family members, and community. Some of these topics include addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, boundaries, suicide/crisis, child abuse, domestic violence, listening skills, mindfulness, mandated reporting, and more.

This course is a great tool for those on the front line and interface with people in a work or volunteer capacity, such as pastors, leadership, community volunteers, teachers, human resources, coaches, and anyone interacting with human beings.

Each class within the course is a different topic and builds on the previous week's topic. For each class, you will receive a copy of the PowerPoint and psychotherapy tools and resources. At the end of the program when you have completed all 13 classes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

If you are unable to participate in all 13 classes during your cohort, you are welcome to participate in the next scheduled round of classes and make up the ones you have missed at no additional charge.

We have a passion for getting this training to the people who need it. We keep the cost very low and work with everyone to find ways around any challenges that might get in their way of accessing this training. Please use the contact form to inquire about the 13 week training, hosting a training, and costs. We look forward to hearing from you!

The next cohort is currently planned for Spring 2024 (starting Thursdays Jan 4, 2024, depending on enrollment and facility/space availability. If no on site training is available the class will be held via Zoom.

Disclaimer: This is a training and not meant to be used as psychotherapy for attendees. However, the material is often emotionally difficult and could be triggering for some attendees which is why we cover coping strategies in the beginning of the course.

Contact us to discuss how you can get this life-changing training.

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Practicum Students

If you are interested in applying for a practicum site, please email along with your resume and practicum start date to request an application. 

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